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The sweet days of summer are drawing to a close and the dorms are impatiently calling. Whether you are a freshman getting ready to face your first days of college head-on, or a senior eager to get the upcoming school year over with, college calls for some level of preparation ahead of time. It’s no secret that going away for school means space is limited and organization is a must. Jamming everything into that tiny closet of yours isn’t going to work unless you have a system. Fortunately, Caboodles is here to help every fashionable student make more space out of less.

From makeup to hair care products to nail polish, a college girl is going to have and need it all. Not only will she already possess an impressive collection to start, but it will continue to grow as the years pass. For this reason and more, every girl headed to college should be accompanied by a Caboodle. Fit for the tiniest of dorm rooms and equipped with all of the right storage, these vibrant, cheeky makeup organizers will keep frantic mornings and the struggle to keep everything in order at bay.

For those of you wondering how to stay organized and cut the clutter in a fun, trendy way, here are some tips on how to take advantage of several Caboodles products just in time for the beginning of the school year:

 Cosmetic Counter Tray 5858-02

1. Maximize Counter Space. If you have your own bathroom, not only should you count your lucky stars, but you should also invest in a Cosmetic Counter Tray (available at Target and Walmart). It has a space for everything, including makeup brushes, nail polish and lipstick. Since it’s clear, you won’t have to struggle to find whatever you’re looking for, and you’ll eliminate mess as you do your makeup in the mornings. Keep it on your bathroom counter, in a cabinet or even on your desk!


2. Maximize Nonexistent Space. If you aren’t as blessed and are mentally preparing yourself for the joys of a community bathroom, opt for the Caboodles Curved Travel Tote (Available at Walmart and Target). It’ll keep all of your makeup and beauty needs in one place AND it keeps your shampoo bottles standing for easy-peasy trips to-and-fro those lovely communal bathrooms.  Just zip it up and take it with you to the bathroom, or your best friend’s dorm down the hall. Once you’ve arrived, you can hang it up for easy access to all your showering accessories, next to a sturdy pair of flip flops the Caboodles Curved Travel Tote will be your bath time BFF all school year.

  5842-14 Nail Valet (2)5842-14 Nail Valet (1)

3. Polish It Off. College also means staying on a budget. There’s not a lot of time (or money) to spend on weekly manicures and pedicures, but there is plenty of both to do your own nails. Which means you’ll be buying a lot of nail polish. Instead of rummaging through another bag, swearing that you have the OPI shade your roommate is looking for, organize every polish you own in the Caboodles Nail Valet (available at Target). This sturdy, chic valet is the ultimate carrier for all things nails. Or if you prefer to display your polish proudly check out the Nailed It! counter organizer (available at Walmart) You’ll never lose sight of that OPI shade again.

 On top of being a must-have for college, the best part of buying a Caboodle is that its versatility allows it to last for years. You may always need a place for storing your beauty products, but Caboodles also come in handy when needing a place to organize school or crafting supplies. They’re easy to store and easier to take care of, making them the go-to for women and girls of all ages. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate a Caboodle into your organizational routines!

Let the countdown to winter break begin!