8 Holiday Beauty Trends That You Need To Know About

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This holiday season is all about making a statement with less hassle and effort. These eight Caboodles beauty tips will help ensure that you look flawless and fabulous.


1 – Strobing
Tired of contouring? Strobing focuses on highlighting prominent points of your face without any bronzer or shading powder involved. Grab your favorite highlighter—both cream and powder bases work fine—and blend the product over the high points of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and onto your cupid's bow. Lightly apply and build up the emphasis of your strobe. Be sure to steer clear of any product laced with legit chunks of glitter, unless it’s a mandatory requirement for your holiday party.


2 – Classic Red Lipstick
Red lipstick may not sound like a new and shiny must-have, but it’s made a big not-so-expected comeback on fashion runways this fall. Never forget that sometimes all it takes to make a statement is a dab of foundation, a few dashes of mascara and a classic red lip. This is an item that you should always have on hand.


3 – Less is more: Matte Brown 90s-Inspired Eye Makeup
90s-inspired fashion statements are back and so are coffee-colored matte naturals. Start with a primer then dab your lightest beige color from the browbone to the lid. Next swipe a slightly darker taupe-ish/brown over your lid and blend. Finish by blending a rich grey-brown shadow along the lash line. When it comes to the liner make sure you stick with a creamy brown liner. Stop at the midpoint, and then smudge it out using an angled brush.


4 – Let your blush help you look younger.
Rose and peach blushes are the answer to the minimal makeup approach this season. They highlight your face and help mimic how your cheeks would look after a brisk, wintry walk.


5 – Simple is beautiful.
Nude nails are the answer to having a classic look without looking boring. Top it off with a shiny or matte finish and you’ll look flawless without even having to try.


6 – Simple and Sleek
The sleek ponytail is back in a big way. Christian Dior showcased this classic look recently during his fashion shows and re-creating this look is easier than you think.


7 – Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
Embellishing hairstyles with a jewel broach can take a simple ponytail up a notch.


8 – Let it shine.
If you’re looking to make a statement this holiday season, metallic eye shadows are the way to go. Try a shade of gold, copper/silver or even a shade of shiny emerald.
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