Happy 2015!

Feliz 2015 everyone! If you’re a Caboodles fan, chances are you know a thing or two about organization (it’s what we do best after all!). But, even if your cosmetic collection is kept meticulously tidy there’s always room for improvement! An important part of maintaining professional makeup artist status is knowing when to get rid of items that are no longer beneficial, effective, or expired. I know it’s hard to swallow, but unfortunately your favorite mascara’s days are numbered...
Now that your makeup is in tip-top shape, might as well show it off right? Caboodles Cosmetic Counter Tray is here to save the day (and your counter space)! It’s the perfect solution to your organization needs this new year. The Cosmetic Counter Tray has a place for eyeshadow, blush, brush and foundation in your collection! And to keep your cosmetics safe and sound on the go, your best bet is to pick up a Caboodles 10 Piece Bag Set (or two) next time you’re in Target or Walmart.

We want to see how you beauties use your Caboodles to get stylishly organized in 2015. Be sure to tweet us your pics to @RealCaboodles and show us your before and after makeup collections. Happy New Year!



P.S. Now that we’ve got one your makeup collection spic and span it’s time to find a NEW New Year’s Resolution and our pals at Refinery29 have a quiz for you!