Clean up your act!

Ok, be honest, when was the last time you cleaned out your go-to makeup organizer and gave it a good sudsing? Yeah, we thought so. We’re guilty, too. 

But it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf, and what better time to start fresh than now? Here are some ideas for cleaning out your makeup organizers and keeping them fresh for all the stuff you put on your face: 

  • Empty your makeup bag and check out the bottom of it. Is it covered in powder and the gray, dusty film left behind by liner pencils? Eyes shadows gone astray? Maybe a little lotion that got out of control? Many makeup bag liners can be turned inside out and rinsed off.  Try to pull the liner inside out away from the outer bag. If you’re able to do that, go ahead and give it a wash in the sink. Leave it turned inside out, and hang it to try.  
  • If the fabric liner doesn’t come out of your makeup bag or train case, don’t despair. You can use the same wipes made to clean makeup brushes to wipe out the inside of the bag. It may not be quite as perfect, but you can still get out most of the grime this way. You’ll be in a much more hygienic state in no time.
  • If you have a counter top acrylic, empty it and toss that baby in the sink. You can wash it just like you do your favorite coffee mug. A little dish soap, warm water, rinse, repeat. 
  • If you have a plastic case, this is almost just as easy to clean as your acrylic. Empty it and wipe it out, or you can even use soapy water.

Feeling a little more squeaky-clean now? Tell us how you keep your bags, cases, and acrylics clean and sparkly on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to use hashtags #caboodles and #realcaboodles so we can reply!

Scrub a Dub, Rubber Ducky!

The Caboodles Team