Summer Beauty Tips

Whether it’s summer where you are or you’re about to take a tropical vacation, staying put together when the heat is on is a challenge to say the least. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep cool and look fabulous while it’s sweltering. 

  • On the days you’ll be out in the heat for extended periods, a cool prep step is to make your spray-on antiperspirant multi-task. After you shower and dry off, spray a light mist of it in the air and step into it. The light mist will help keep sweat at bay all over your body. Plus you’ll smell nice!
  • Make your makeup stay put by adding primer before applying. Or if you’re going to the beach, maybe skip the base altogether. Instead, just add a few drops of your foundation to your facial sunscreen and apply a thin coat all over your face. You’ll get color plus the SPF protection we all need!
  • When the temperatures threaten your tresses take some precaution by spraying in dry shampoo (even to clean hair) before you ever leave the house. The dry shampoo will help keep your hair bouncy and prevent a case of the greasies, which always seems to be more common in the humidity and sweat.

How do you keep your look working for you when it’s hot outside? Tell us your ideas on Facebook or Twitter – and remember to use #caboodles or #realcaboodles. We’ll respond and even share the best ideas! 

Keep cool, Cucumber!

The Caboodles Team