Welcome to Caboodles NEW Website

Hey, everybody! Welcome to our all new website. We are so excited; it’s finally ready to show you!

We will be keeping this site up to date with cool tips and tricks, makeup ideas and ways to get glam on the go. And of course all the freshest Caboodles products you could ever ask for. 

Check it out! Visit Our Story to learn about how we got started and where we’ve been. Take a look at our Collections, or click through all of our items to find a bag, case, or acrylic organizer to make your life even more awesome! We even have links showing you where you can buy a Caboodles right now, and a list of retailers to visit and find exclusive products not available online.

Take a look around and let us know what you think – then post on our facebook or twitter to tell us all about it. Be sure to #caboodles and #realcaboodles, so we can respond!

Stay Glam!

The Caboodles Team