5 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Makeup Kit

At the start of a new season, it just feels good to do a total refresh. We clean out our closets – moving the winter coats and making room for the summer dresses. We stock up on fresh fruit from the farmers’ market. We’re more active in the outdoors, adding an afternoon hike or bike ride to our routine. With more time outside comes more sun exposure. Now is a good time to do a quick spring edit of your makeup kit – checking expiration dates of your sunscreen and other products, cleaning your brushes and rotating out your fall/winter staples and adding some new spring/summer colors.


1. Clean your makeup bag or case. For plastic makeup bags, empty contents, and use makeup remover wipes to clean the inside. AHHH. This is a life hack! Why didn’t we think of this sooner? For acrylic organizers, empty it, and toss in the sink – hand-washing it with a little dish soap and warm water. Dry it with a dishtowel, and done. Now that your kit is clean, you just feel better as a person and can move onto the next steps. 

2. Check expiration dates of products. CHEAT SHEET: Every two to three months, replace: mascara, face peels and masks, acne pads and nail file. Six months to a year: liquid eyeliner, liquid foundation, concealer, acne cream, eye cream, face wash and serum. Every year or so: lip gloss, sunscreen, cream eye shadows and eyebrow gel. Two years: lip and eye pencil, lipstick, nail polish, powder foundation and eye shadows. Three years: perfume and hairspray. Yep, toss it. On the bright side, you get to buy new things for spring.

3. Clean your brushes. For a DIY cleanser, we use a simple mixture of dish soap and a touch of olive oil. Wet your brush, and work it into the solution. Rinse thoroughly then gently squeeze out excess water. Let brushes air dry overnight.

4. Repair smashed powders with rubbing alcohol. We feel you: You drop your tried-and-true powder foundation or eye shadow trio onto the tile floor and (in slow-motion) watch as it shatters to pieces. It’s a mess. Fortunately, there’s a fix to salvage those beautiful (and expensive) palettes. Pick up the broken pieces, and assemble them together again as best as you can. Spray with rubbing alcohol, and let it dry. It works and saves money. (If only a broken heart could be mended like this.)

5. Clean your lipstick. It’s a good idea to clean your lipstick every so often – for many reasons, maybe you let your friend borrow it, or you’ve been sick, or, you know, you’ve never actually cleaned it before. Take your tube of lipstick. Wipe off the top layer with a tissue. Then pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a glass, and dip the lipstick into the alcohol for 30 seconds or so. Gently dab the lipstick, and allow to dry.

PRO TIP: Don’t toss those near-empty tubes of lipstick. You can easily melt them down and prolong their colorful lives. Choose a few tubes of the same color palette (red, for instance). Get all of the lipstick you can out of it, dropping it into a small saucepan. Using a double boiler method of heating (you don’t want it to burn), fill a large saucepan with water and bring to a boil. Place the small saucepan (with the lipstick ends) into the large saucepan, and let it melt down. Pour into an empty lip pot or small metal mint tin, and you have a new DIY color for spring. 

Happy Spring, Babes!

Team Caboodles