It’s Oscar Party Season!

It’s that time of year again when the stars take the stroll down the red carpet to find out who Oscar will be going home with! But you don’t have to go all the way to Tinseltown to celebrate the Academy Awards, gather your fellow film buffs and star stalkers and choose one of these themes for an out-of-this-world Oscar night! 

Pizza, PJs and Pinot Grigio

 This theme is as easy as they come, because even thought Oscar night is an amazing party for the rich and famous, you have work in the morning. And besides, Sunday nights are for recharging. Unwind by inviting over a few of your besties, curling up on the couch and dishing about the dresses, celebs, speeches and movies. And, FYI, the pinot just works with the alliteration, any wine will do.

 Bonus Fun: This would be a great opportunity for home mani-pedis and facials, have your gal pals fill their Caboodles®  Make Me Over™  Train Case or Celebrity™ Nail Nalet with polishes, files and masks just in case. 

Red Carpet Paparazzi Surprise!

 This fun theme answers the question - what do we do with the kids? The answer is simple – bring them along, and create your own mini paparazzi! There are two ways to go about doing this: One is to invest in some disposable cameras and give them out as party favors as they arrive. Or, let the kiddos have access to your smartphones. You KNOW they know how to use them, but you may not want to be without it as you check the social media statuses. When your guests arrive, they’ll experience the flashing lights of their adoring press. To make it realistic, get a long piece of “red carpet” aka, red banner paper as the entrance from the front door to the living room.

 Bonus Fun: Your guests are allowed a “re-shoot” of their red carpet walk after they consult the “makeup artist” who has a fully stocked Caboodles® Goddess™

Formal(ish) Fun Theme:

 Awards are fine and all, but everyone knows the real action is on the red carpet. Looking good is it’s own reward. So grab that fancy dress out of the back of your closet and create your own runway at home. We’re talking cocktails, makeup and heals (just for awhile). Invite the girls over early to pre-game and get made up. You’ll also want to have plenty of room on your camera phone for photos, photos, photos!

 Bonus Fun: After your crew has made their “entrance,” sit down and have your very own version of “Fashion Police” on your couch. (We’ll always love you, Joan!) 

Have fun babes!

Team Caboodles