TIPS and TRICKS: Finally Get Your Makeup Organized

You don’t need to go all New Year’s Resolution-y to get your cosmetics in order. It’s no grand undertaking, just a simple process that’s easy as one-two-three … four, five!  Here are five recommended steps to makeup organization because three just aren’t enough, and six is too many.



Check expiration dates.

The first step is to get rid of the things you can’t – or at least shouldn’t – use. Throw expired product away, and we’re one step closer to finished. In addition to getting organized, the following steps should help reduce the amount of makeup you let go expired.  



Put your special-occasion items in one special place you’ll access just for those big events.

Because if you look like a movie star EVERY day, you’ll make your co-workers jealous. Find a drawer or, better yet, a cute makeup organizer specifically for your drop-dead gorgeous gear for those events when you don’t want to leave a single person standing.



Put your everyday items in an easily accessible spot.

These are the items you use every day, so make sure they’re easy to get to. We’re thinking a top drawer with dividers or a counter top acrylic. Make sure you have everything you need for your daily beauty routine, with a place for everything and everything in its place.



Designate a space for duplicates and extras.

Don’t get duped! Next time you run out of anything in your everyday items or your special occasion items, check this area first. You’ll be surprised how much makeup --- and money – you can save.



Leave your “I’ll wear them eventually” items on the counter.

Ok, this may be the most important step to getting rid of makeup clutter. Make a promise to yourself that if you don’t use these items, you’ll toss them or give them away! You’ll be seeing them every day, so you’ll be looking forward to using them or losing them.


See how easy that is? And all that organization is going to be the perfect reason to buy new makeup organizers. Luckily, these Caboodles® makeup organizers won’t break the bank. They’re also perfect and FABULOUS!


If you’re looking for too-cute valets that work just as well on the go as they do under your sink, we recommend the Obsession™, Glam Squad™ or I Candy™.


If you want to have easy access and visibility to everything, try a counter top acrylic like the Objects of Desire™, My Essentials™ or Tiers of Joy™


And if you’re just one of those girls who has a lot to organize and needs to be able to carry it to, you can’t go wrong with the Goddess™ Train Case.


Happy Organizing!


The Caboodles Team