Start packing for Spring Break

The countdown to Spring Break is underway. Ladies, start packing. Whether you’re beach bound or heading to the mountains, big city lights or under a clear blue sky, we have a list of the 10 essentials you simply must take with you. 

Beach Getaway Checklist


Life’s a Beach; Pack for It!

Our favorite bag for the beach is the Caboodles® Le Sophistique™ 10-Piece Bag Set. It works well as a carry on, or you can simply use it in any piece of luggage. The small bags work great for toiletries and the bigger bag is easy to tote to the beach.

• Sunscreen (and lots of it)/Aloe (for sunburns)

• Swimsuit and cover up (carry on in case your luggage doesn’t make it)

• Lip balm with sunscreen

• Sunnies

• Dry shampoo

• Headphones

• Book or Kindle

• Hydrating face mist 

• Highlighter (show off that newly bronzed skin!)

• Your summer shade of foundation 

Ski Trip Checklist

Ski Trip Packing Tips

The Caboodles® Lovestruck™ Black Diamond Train Case is the perfect companion for your trip to the slopes, but don’t forget these essentials to keep you feeling warm and looking fab.

• Breathable long underwear is a must!

• Face wipes

• Cute socks

•Cuticle cream or oil  

• Sheet face mask (after being out in the sunny cold air all day, your skin will need some rejuvenation)

• Hat with a pom pom (everything is cuter with a pom pom)

• Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen

•  Waterproof mascara

• Sunnies or chic goggles

• Chapstick 

Road Trip Checklist

Road Tripping!

When traveling with your girl squad it’s essential to have your Caboodles® Glam Squad™. Fill it full of these on-the-road must haves. And every good road trip needs a really rad playlist so if you're looking for ideas checkout the Caboodles® Girls Night Out Pandora Station!

• Waze app

• Music (check out our Girls Night Out station on Pandora!)

• Roll-on oil perfume  

• Sleep mask

• Hand sanitizer

• Polaroid camera  

• Hydrating lip balm  

• Dry texturizing spray (for that perfectly wind-blown look, even if you don’t have the windows rolled down)

• Blotting papers

• Roadside America app (for extra adventures along the way!)

Glamping Checklist

Glamorous + Camping = Glamping!

The more stuff you take, the more glamorous your trip will be. Grab the Caboodles® On-the-Go Girl™ and take these essentials and enjoy the outdoor air without roughing it.

• Tinted lip balm with SPF

• BB cream

• Dry shampoo

• Cleansing face wipes

• Portable Speakers (music is a necessity in the woods!)

• Skin So Soft Bug Spray

• Car adapter generator (electricity is important when you’re in the wilderness!)

• Coconut oil (because it works for almost anything!)

• Starbucks Instant Coffee 

• Ponytail holders and bobby pins (the perfect opportunity to try out a cute braid or bun!)

Desert Oasis Checklist

Desert Air Don’t Care!

Palm Springs, Santa Fe or the Sand Dunes of Colorado, if you are adventuring to a desert destination, grab your Caboodles® Adored™ Train Case and keep cool in your sweltering scenic surroundings.

• Caftan or kimono  

• Wide-brim hat 

• All the moisturizers!! (don’t let that dry heat get the better of your gorgeous skin!)

• Hydrating facial spray (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!)

• Cute refillable water bottle 

• Moisturizing lipstick in a pop color 

• Sunnies

• BB cream with SPF

•VSCO Cam app (so many selfie opportunities!)

• Swimsuit

City Escape Checklist

Bright Lights Big City

Sometimes exploring the concrete jungle can be just as fun as any beach or mountain getaway. Pack the Caboodles® I Candy™ Vanity Valet and take in the sights and sounds of the city.

• Dry shampoo

• Blotting papers (freshen up without having to wash and reapply!)

• Light-weight foundation (so you can reapply throughout the day without getting cakey)

• Smart phone (obvi!)

• Portable battery charger (super essential!)

• Hand sanitizer (because ew!) 

• Rosewater face spray 

• Compact hair brush 

• Lyft app 

• Lip gloss 

Happy Spring Breaking!

Team Caboodles®