Caboodles® is Proud to Announce Partnership with Simone Biles

She’s a Gold Medalist, a world-class athlete and a historic record breaker of epic proportions. And she’s also an inspiration to girls, a great big sister and maybe the most famous on-the-go girl we know! We can’t think of a single person who embodies the spirit of Caboodles® more than Simone Biles!

Which is why Caboodles® is extremely proud to announce they are teaming up with America’s favorite on-the-go girl!

Simone Biles

"I've always been a fan of Caboodles and am so excited to be able to help develop products that represent my personality and fashion sense in and out of the gym," Simone told us. "Caboodles has been a big part of my cosmetic routine for as long as I can remember and it's a brand that I continue to rely on today."

There are plenty of reasons for us to be super excited about this, but maybe the biggest is Simone’s very own Caboodles® product line. The products are still in the very early stages, but we are certain they will be a reflection of everything we love about Simone – grace, beauty, confidence, athleticism and a huge helping of girl power in a petite-sized package.

Be sure to follow @RealCaboodles and @SimoneBiles on social media to get the latest news on these Caboodles® products and a sneak peek into the life of the ultimate on-the-go girl. Stay tuned for more from Caboodles® and Simone Biles in 2017!