Organized For
Fun In The Sun

The Caboodles® x Malibu Barbie™ collection pairs two classics for a bright and bold style to remind you that you’re worth organizing.

Caboodles® x Barbie™ go together like the sand and the sea. Barbie’s lifestyle has always been an inspiration. Who wouldn’t want her wardrobe, her house, or her cars? She seems to just have everything together. In collaboration with Caboodles, you can have everything together. Literally.

Malibu dreams remind us of simpler times. Seamless organization helps us relive them.

Beach Front Charm

The rhythm of the waves, the warmth of the sand, and the ease of an organized life await you with this Malibu Barbie™ On-The-Go Girl™.

Sunscreen & Serenity

The ultimate in organization meets the ultimate dream vacation. The Malibu Barbie™ Ultimate On-The-Go Girl™ could store your doll collection, your seashells, or all your essentials for a spa day after a day at the beach.

Ride The Wave

Surf’s up and you’re ready to grab your board and head out the door. Thanks to the organized preparation enabled by this Malibu Barbie™ On-The-Go Girl™, you’ll have all the beach essentials in your hand and by your side. (Don’t forget the zinc oxide.)


Treasure your memories when you keep them safe and organized in a Caboodle®. Save them to scrapbook later or use the Caboodle® as a beautiful time capsule to remind you of simpler times.

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