It’s, like, totally your choice with Caboodles®

Sometimes history repeats itself and it’s awesome. The Caboodles® Vault Collection empowers former valley girls to use these bits of NOWstalgia in a variety of ways.

The Freedom to Pick and Choose

Caboodles® are more than mere icons of neon nostalgia. This white On-The-Go Girl™ is the perfect accessory match for some velcroed, white high-top sneakers. Choose your purpose: cosmetics or athletics.

Caboodles® made their first appearance in the late 80s after Vanna White was photographed carrying her cosmetics in a tacklebox. We’ve been helping women choose their purpose ever since.

A Blast from the Past

Vanna chose to use a tacklebox for her cosmetics, launching the whole kit and caboodle in 1987. Over time, girls have used Caboodles® as makeup cases and more. This jelly-inspired model consists of beautiful layers, just like hair, socks, and top fashion from the 80s. Peel back the layers to discover your chosen use.

Organization to the Max

Sure, in the 80s and 90s, Caboodles® were known as makeup cases or cosmetics carry-alls, but like you, we’ve outgrown those limitations. On-The-Go Girls need organization that’s not just for members only. Tote your aerosol hairspray or carry an on-the-go snack buffet. Organize art supplies or simply accessorize. With Caboodles® the choice is yours.

Multiple Choice Caboodles®

Not only do Caboodles gals have a choice about how they use our products, you can choose the size and color, too. Pretty In Petite™ is a smaller version of the original On-The-Go Girl™. It’s a totally tubular choice for organizing your favorite lipsticks or acrylic paints. Use it to freshen up after you roller skate or organize those oils for a calmer state. Choose your muse.

Radical Retro Renditions

Bright and colorful Caboodles® are the FUNctional choice for gals on the move. With a variety of colors, sizes, and molds, they offer useful versatility and organizational tranquility.